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    We will give FREE consultation before you can have service with us.  We do setup basic home network with wire and wireless with WEP, WPA, WPA2, setup and configure printer(s).  We upgrade components such as audio, video, memory, memory, hard drive, CD/DVD rom drive, etc...  We can suggest you to upgrade to the better parts which your computer needs after the diagnostics.  We can replace new computer case as transferring your current components from old case to new case.  You can drop off  your computer for services or we can come to you and the fees will be varied. 

If you've the parts and you don't know how to upgrade or replace, you can call us and we can give you a service with good deal. 



Upgrade Memory (RAM)


Upgrade Windows (XP, 7, Vista)

Upgrade Component (audio/video card)

Install Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)


Replace CD/DVD ROM/RW drive


Install  Virus Protection (Norton, Mcafee, AVG)

Setup Network Wire/Wireless through Router

Replace Laptop Screen


One Hour Service


Setup Printer (local or network)

Reconfigure Computer/System (backup)